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Hermit MEDIA - Independent Publisher

Innovative works promoting thought and change!

Welcome to Hermit Media, an independent publishing company situated in the Heart of Sussex in the UK.

Hermit Media was born for the same reason as many other small publishing companies, that being lack of access to mainstream publishers. 'Great but not commercially viable' seems to be the common theme.

At Hermit Media our aim is to publish works which have originality and a voice which should be heard. Human interaction takes many forms and we are passionate about sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings and knowledge with our readers in such a way that reading the book moves them in some way.

Hermit Media's mission is to gain and maintain customer loyalty by providing quality material, coupled with the desire to take care of our authors who fulfil our needs by sharing part of themselves with us all.

As part of our social commitment, for every book sold each author must donate an amount to a charity of their choice.

Thank you for your interest in Hermit Media. Why not Follow Hermit Media on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram and share our exciting journey to unearth hidden treasures?

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